Friday, 25 May 2012

Review - Before She Was Mine - Kate Long

What an emotional read!

I was first introduced to Kate Long when I reviewed Mothers & Daughters which was one of the very first books I ever reviewed.  My review of that can be found here.  I was also delighted that Kate agreed to do an interview with me last year, talking about her writing, and that interview can be found here

Freya was adopted by Liv, who has always been there for her all her life.  Liv had always kept her birth mother Melody informed of her progress along the way and when they eventually met, Freya could not believe how like chalk and cheese the two women were, both completely opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Two separate and deeply upsetting tragedies hits both mothers in very different ways and the bond and the link between these three amazing women is tested to the limit.  Should they pull together, or fend for themselves?

The book talks from three different angles.  One from now, one from the case notes of when Melody was a young girl and was going through the adoption process and the final one from Liv's diaries when Freya was growing up. 

All very emotional and beautifully written, the subjects of adoption, families and love were delved into deeply and tactfully and there was also a lot of wit and wisdom thrown in as well.  The characters were perfectly formed and likeable. 

The plot line was very cleverly written with a strong contrast between Liv and Melody and the relationship between them was really rather special and the way that Freya tried to keep both of them happy without offending them, being very believableThe tragedies which occurred were deeply moving and you felt every single emotion as if you were going through it yourself. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this great book.  I lost myself in it while the pages turned themselves SO quickly, and even up till the very end, I had no idea how it would end.  I wasn't disappointed with the ending, it was fabulous!

Kate is the author of the Number One bestseller The Bad Mother's Handbook, Swallowing Grandma, Queen Mum and the Daughter's Game. Kate was born and raised in Lancashire and lives with her husband and two sons in Whitchurch in Shropshire. You can visit Kate's website to find out more about her at

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Kate said...

So glad you liked it, Kim! X

Joyce said...

Like you, Kim, I'm always waiting impatiently whenever a new Kate Long book comes out. I think Before She Was Mine contains some of Kate's best writing yet.

Kathryn said...

I was lucky enough to stumble across Kate Long's first book, The Bad Mother's Handbook, and have eagerly awaited each book since. I was supposed to be saving Before She Was Mine for my holidays but a 'sneaky peak' turned into a weekend long session; once I started I had to keep going. As you said, Kim, the pages just seem to turn themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I knew I would, and am looking forward to her next one.

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