Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Janice Horton for passing me the Versatile Blogger Award - the rules of acceptance are to tell you seven things about myself that you might not already know. 

I have chosen to pick some general points and I’ve just discovered that I’m not that interesting really!

  1. I’ve been to see David Essex in concert over 30 times!  My sister has been dragging me along to see him for years and its probably time that I admitted that I actually quite like him.  It’s those twinkly eyes!
  2. My aim in life is to be the best Mom I can be to my darling little boy Oliver.  My Mom was the most fantastic Mom that I could wish for and I hope that one day Oliver can say the same thing about me!
  3. When Oliver was born, I left the curtains open in my hospital room in case my Mom was looking down on us from Heaven so that she could see me and my boy!
  4. I am a qualified Reiki practitioner.  With not much time on my hands and lots to do, unfortunately, I haven’t been practising but I really should as I believe that Reiki and holistic therapies is the way forward.
  5. When I was 20 I buggered off for a summer to Corfu with three of my best friends.  We’re still all really good friends now and we still talk about those great times every time we meet. 
  6. I make my own jewellery, again when I have time. Haven’t done any for ages, but I love doing it and when I get a new outfit with nothing to go with it, I can just knock something up. 
  7. I have a University Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapeutics.  This was an area of work that I wanted to work in further, but never really progressed.  One for the future maybe!
I'd like to pass on the award to these seven wonderfully versatile bloggers. Please accept your awards by copying the logo above and listing seven things about yourselves before passing the award on.

Sara Moseley
Frances Weston
Linda Jones
John Hibbs
Milly Johnson
Libby Hill
The Book Barge


Janice Horton said...

Loved your 7 thing and - coorrrr - you've seen DE over thirty times? That's amazing. Yes, he does have rather lovely eyes! I will admit to having seen the Osmonds and David Cassidy - but just once each. I also went to see The Bay City Rollers last year - and got to meet the band afterwards and have my photo taken with Les McK (the pics on my FB page). Arh.... you made me all snuffly about your baby and your Mom looking down from Heaven.... Now off to read the blogs of your award winners.

Kim The Book Worm said...

Thats funny Janice, because last year my sis took me to see David Essex, The Bay City Rollers, Leo Sayer and The Osmonds. We had a right old sing and dance and when the man behind us asked us to sit down we just laughed and carried on enjoying ourselves!

Hope my award winners are interesting to you as they're not all book related but I have picked each one as they are extremely interesting and inspirational people.

Pauline Barclay said...

Loved your 7 things...and I agree he does have very twinkling eyes...laugh!

Kim The Book Worm said...

Thanks Pauline x He is lovely for an old 'un! x

thomashill1 said...

39 times??? I saw him 5 and thought that was alot. I didnt know alot of thoseabout you. Hope to see you soon xx

Kim The Book Worm said...

I'm sure we'll learn some very interesting things about you Libby when we read your seven things! x