Saturday, 28 May 2011

Review - Lessons in Love - Kate Lawson

I’m so lucky to have read so many fantastic books over the last few weeks, there’s some flipping great authors out there and this was another novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I’ve worked out that a great time of day for me to get my reading done is at half five or six in the morning when the rest of the house is asleep and I can have a cup of tea and enjoy a little peace and quiet to relax and enjoy these wonderful books I’m so privileged to read and review. 

Lessons in love is another great, feel good book from Kate Lawson.  

Jane Green lives at Cresswell Road and is a twenty something girl, who has been made redundant from her job, and also found out that her boyfriend has been up to no good.  She’s down in the dumps unsure of her future.  Jayne Green is coming up to fifty, a successful business woman living a life of luxury and riches and she lives in Cresswell Close in the same town but feeling that somewhere down the line she’s missed out on something. 

When Jane gets post which she opens by mistake which is clearly for the other Jayne, she feels that she ought to pop it over to her and explain why it’s open.  She meets Jayne and is very much envious of her opulent and lavish abode. 

After a slightly rocky start, they realise that they have quite a lot in common and Jayne feels that Jane is someone that she would like to entrust her business and home to while she takes off on a sabbatical to “find herself”.  Jane feels that this is too big a task for her to cope with but with Jayne’s reassurance and her “what’s the worst that can happen” attitude, agrees to take on the role temporarily as she really has nothing better to do. 

This is a story of how people you think you trust, can turn out to be your enemy and it’s about greed and envy compared to general decency, innocence and kindness.   It’s about challenging and discovering yourself. 

Kate writes in such an easy to read, amusing, warm and true to life way which makes reading her books so enjoyable.  I love the way that the detail she gives about her characters lets you create them in your own mind so that you identify with them right from the start.  Her descriptions of places are powerful, colourful and realistic and in this book she describes Jayne’s fabulous house in a way that you feel yourself standing in the hallway and imagining the surroundings.  At one point I actually had to work hard at stopping myself shouting out at one of the characters when I didn’t agree with something they said!  Perhaps I just need to get out more!

Thanks Kate for another pleasurable read – have more of her books to read in my TBR pile and am really looking forward to reading more.  

Sue Welfare writes as Kate Lawson and Gemma Fox and is now back to writing as Sue Welfare.   She was born on the edge of the Fens and is perfect placed to write about life in East Anglia.  She has a family, sings in a choir, loves to garden and walk her dogs and enjoys photography and cooking.  She is also a scriptwriter, originating and developing a soap opera for BBC radio, along with the local town panto!   

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