Friday, 23 May 2014

Review - Undertaking Love by Kat French

About the book
When Marla Jacobs discovers that the shop next to her Little White Wedding Chapel is to become a funeral parlour, she declares all-out war.
Marla’s chapel in the sleepy Shropshire countryside has become a nation-wide sensation, but the arrival of Funeral Director Gabriel Ryan threatens everything Marla has worked for. She can picture the scene: wedding limos fighting for space in the street with hearses; brides bumping into widows; bouquets being swapped for wreaths.
Marla’s not going down without a fight. She enlists a motley crew of weird and wonderful local supporters, and battle lines are drawn. But, as soon as Marla meets h er nemesis, she realises just how much trouble she’s in. His rugged good looks and Irish lilt make her stomach fizz – how is she supposed to concentrate on destroying him, when half the time she’s struggling not to rip the shirt off his back?
What did I think?
I read it in one day, I think that tells you something.  I fell in love with an undertaker.  I think that tells you another.   I fell in love with a gay wedding celebrant, a wedding chapel and a funeral parlour too! I think that tells you quite enough!   It was just fantastic!  Such a feel-good, will-they won't-they, easy-to-read book, which was completely adorable.
Loved the characters, loved the storyline and loved the way this book made me feel.  I read the whole book with a dirty great grin on my face.  An original plot, with lots of laugh out loud moments and a few very special moments that made me have a really big cry made this an extremely entertaining read from the moment I opened the first page right through to the last one! I would love it if this were the first in a series.  Errr Kat French ........ I said ............   
It was one of those books that pick you up and transport you into another world.  A world where nothing else matters except the book.  I'm sure that this book will be a massive success and I think this lady is one to look out for because her writing in this genre is really rather spesh.

About the author
Kat was born and raised in the heart of the Black Country, where she still lives with her husband, two little boys and the oldest cat in the world.
She grew up with a healthy obsession for books, and several years ago she promised her husband she would write novels if Santa gave her a MacBook for Christmas.  It's a promise she is very glad to have kept as it has literally transformed the lives of her family.

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