Thursday, 22 May 2014

After The Honeymoon by Janey Fraser

Janey Fraser joins me today as she launches her ninth published novel After The Honeymoon which is being published by Arrow, Random House today (May 22nd).   I asked Janey to tell me about some of the incredible true life stories she came across while researching the novel.   Here's what she said:

Just on my way back from appearing on the Vanessa Feltz radio show at the BBC! Vanessa asked me in to talk about honeymoons – the subject of my new novel.

AFTER THE HONEYMOON is about one honeymoon destination; three couples; and six secrets. As part of my research, I interviewed lots of different women about their honeymoons and – wow – did I come up with some howlers.

For a start, there was the woman who bumped into a previous boss  at the airport.  When she introduced him to her new husband, she decided not to mention that they used to date. But when they returned from their honeymoon, one of their friends let the cat out of the bag – and there was a huge row. Luckily they made up and are now expecting their second child.

Then there was the bride who rather rashly, indulged in high jinks with her new husband, without drawing the curtains. Did I mention they were on the ground floor? At some point during the ‘performance’, she realised she was being watched by a group of teenage boys. I can only presume that it added to their education in a way that the National Curriculum hadn’t intended…..

Another of my interviewees, confessed that she had to get married in order to find out that she wasn’t the marrying kind. Personally, I think she might change her mind when she finds someone who doesn’t mind her obsession with tidying cupboards every five minutes.

It’s not the first time I’ve been interviewed at the BBC but I always find it every exciting. The building is vast – in fact there are lots of them – but the studio itself is usually quite small. You find yourself sitting opposite someone who’s really rather famous and then chatting away as if you were having a coffee. The danger is that you might come out with something you shouldn’t! The Vanessa show goes out  live, rather than being pre-recorded -  so what comes out, can’t go back!

Hopefully, I don’t think I said anything I shouldn’t have, although I’m not brave enough to play myself back on the iPlayer. After all, there’s nothing I can do now, is there? Meanwhile, I’m still interested in honeymoon stories. So if something dramatic happened on yours, please email and let me know. You could win a Champneys goodies bag or a copy of my new novel. Happy reading!
Love Janey

Thanks so much for joining me Janey.  I wish you tons of success with the book.  Can't wait to read it!


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