Thursday, 21 February 2013

Welcome to The Arcade

Welcome to The Arcade:
The bubbliest of soaps, coming straight to your e-reader every month!

Once upon a time, six best-selling novelists popped open a first bottle of cava and decided it was time to try something new.
With more than a million novels sold between them, and their books published in twenty different languages, they still loved to write juicy blockbusters – but also longed for the thrills of a shorter liaison, of something wicked to look forward to, a date to long for.
‘If only we could write a serial story, the way Charles Dickens did, so readers couldn’t wait for the next episode?’ one said.
‘Maybe with e-books, we could,’ said another.
And so the novelists began to plan a sexy, sassy, soapy story set in a beautiful Victorian seaside shopping arcade – where the dramas and rivalries are as dazzling as the window displays.
The Arcade is as addictive as chocolate truffles from the Chocwaves store, as sexy as honeymoon lingerie from The Garden of Eden, and as scandalous as a night in Ernesto’s tango studio.
And the best bit? The Arcade comes to you in monthly episodes, so you can get your fix of sex and shopping every four weeks… a new story will become available every month throughout 2013.
In January we meet Faith Moore, a newcomer to Angell’s Arcade who’s looking for a new year and a new beginning, to forget her sad past…
In February we spend Valentine’s Day with lingerie shop owner Eden Hart, who sees every man who enters her shop as a possible replacement for her lost love.

And March is the story of Libby Bartlett, who wants a night of escape from her four children, but finds more than she bargained for.
What’s next?

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