Friday, 1 February 2013

Review - Love from both sides by Nick Spalding

A seriously hilarious read.

Jamie Newman is yet to find Miss Right but from time to time he makes a concerted effort with some jaw-dropping consequences! The same applies to Laura Mcintyre who while looking for Mr Right has some unbelievably bad dates which had me in complete stitches and both decided they'd be better off single!

That was until the day that they (literally) bumped into each other and wondered if their luck had changed. They both knew that they had each found a very special person, but that was just the beginning of their story.

I don't think I've ever laughed as much or been as mortified as I had when I read about their second date (I am not going to spoil it but when you read it you'll know what I mean!)

This was a seriously funny book. Some might think that some of the mis-haps that occurred gave just a little bit too much information and might be a little on the vulgar side! Not me! I found them hysterical and snorted out loud many many times! In fact I even went to work and told my friends about the above mentioned second date because I still found it funny and was still laughing to myself about it the next day.

Written very cleverly in the form of a chapter from Jamie's blog then one from Laura's diary to her mom, it was very poignant in parts and one particular part near the end had me sobbing my heart out bringing back certain memories and similarities for me.

If you are after a belly-full of laughs then you have to buy this book. It will have you laughing for days!

I shall be searching the shelves high and low for work by this author. I'm going to keep this book close at hand and whenever I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps it'll soon bring some laughter and light into my world.  In fact it should be on prescription from the doctor.

Nick Spalding has mainly worked in the communications industry; involved in marketing and media, one day he decided to try his hand at writing comedy.  He lives in the south of England with his fiancee.

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Amanda Nason said...

I'll be adding this to my wish list. You can't beat a funny book to lift your spirits! Thanks for the review : )

Karen said...

I meant to download this book ages ago after reading about it somewhere, then promptly forgot the title! Great to see it's now available in old-fashioned paperback form - I shall go and order a copy immediately.

Laugh-out-loud fiction is hard to come by and should be snapped up immediately :o)