Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review - A Very Accidental Love Story by Claudia Carroll

Truly delightful.

A story of Eloise who is an editor of a top newspaper, who while she is highly respected at work for getting the job done, no matter what it takes or however hard she has to work, finally realises at her 30th birthday party that she has no real friends to speak of and that even her acquaintances at work, don’t really want to be there.  She makes a very important decision about her life.

The story then shoots forward three years where Eloise is a single mom to Lily, a beautiful little girl that is looked after by a nanny and never sees much of her Mommy.  Lily asks her mom to find her daddy and so Eloise sets off to find him. All she knows is his name and a few credentials, as she has never actually met him herself; she went to a clinic and was artificially inseminated. However, as normal, nothing defeats her and she finds her daughters daddy and starts to build a relationship with him before she introduces him to his daughter.  Does he live up to her standards, and does she introduce them, or does she get it all wrong?

For those of you who have read a few of my reviews, you’ll realise by now that I love a fairytale with a happy ending.  This was just that! A lovely, fluffy, fairytale.   I really enjoy Claudia’s writing;  it’s entertaining, it’s funny, and it’s heart-warming. 

The pages turn themselves as if by magic, and you lose yourself in a story which is full of vibrant scenes and wonderful characters.  Another of those books that you are almost sad when it ends because you have enjoyed it so much.  This book was everything for me that a reading experience should be and that is one of pure escapism and pleasure leaving you feeling all warm and loved up when it's over! What more can you ask for?
One of the other things I adore about her books is the fabulous covers.  They would definitely entice me to buy the book, just from the look of the front cover.  It portrays everything that Claudia’s writing is: fun, entertaining and colourful.  Really clever to get a cover to show all those things.   

A most enjoyable read, thoroughly recommended and I hope, and I’m sure, it will be a massive success for this wonderful author whose writing I just can’t get enough of. 

I was first introduced to Claudia Carroll when I reviewed Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, which I also loved and my review can be found if you click here.

Claudia Carroll was born and still lives in Dublin and not only is a writer, but has also worked as a theatre and TV actress. Her first novel was published in 2004 and became a massive hit and she has since gone on to write a string of successful books.   
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