Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm delighted to welcome a lovely lady and friend to my blog who is launching an ebook today.  She is a beautiful person both inside and out, and I am delighted and grateful that our paths have crossed in this life. 

For a change, I'm going to be quiet in this blog post, and handover to Kate to tell you all about her book.   We'd love your comments, and for you to share this post if you get a second.   Thanks - over to you Kate! x

'the gorgeous Kate Beddow
Growing Spirit Kids'

“I am blessed”
This is a phrase which occurs so frequently in my life and it isn’t a coincidence I’m sure. I am blessed to have a wonderful support network and a loving family. I am blessed to be healthy and happy after serious illness. I am blessed to have two beautiful children after I was told I wouldn’t be able to have any. I am blessed that I was given the gifts I was and the guidance I needed to see that they combine to make me a unique and special person who can help many others.

This might sound like a very big headed statement but the same is true of all of us. We are all given a unique combination of personality traits and life experiences which combined make us who we are and therefore what we offer the world. This is as true for our children as it is for us and perhaps even more so. As we grow we are moulded by expectations, peer pressure, image, the press, our career choices, friends, families... the list is endless but children are pure bundles of light without a single thumb print on their soul, just wide eyes and an abundance of love. They are pure and vulnerable and as parents and society it is our responsibility to make sure they stay that way and protect them as much as possible.
When I realised it was my life’s purpose to focus my healing work on children and families it was like a light went on in my heart, I have never embraced any “job” more passionately or with as much enthusiasm. I have always worked with children; as a teacher, a Brownie leader, a childminder, a Mum... and never realised what a huge part of my life children have always been and becoming a mum made me even more aware of how unique and precious children are.

My new ebook “Living with a Sensitive: a guide to understanding and nurturing your highly sensitive child” was inspired by my own children and watching how with the same gene pool, the same parenting style and you would think therefore both nature and nurture in common,  they are like chalk and cheese about most things. 
The thing I found most fascinating when observing their behaviour was the realisation that they are both equally sensitive; both caring, nurturing, observant and yet so very different. One will happily eat anything while the other is more fussy about food, one will make mud pies all day and the other doesn’t like to be dirty and neither like scratchy fabrics against their skin. It made me really start to analyse the types of sensitivity and question whether they could both be deemed “highly sensitive”. I read a couple of books but they were long and very academic and it occurred to me that most parents would never sit down to read something so wordy, most wouldn’t even realise that it would benefit them to do so so I set about writing my own book. A very basic guide to explain to parents what to look out for and how to make things more bearable for their child once they have.

If this book helps families and makes life a little easier for children and parents alike, I am blessed.
To buy Living with a Sensitive: www.katebeddow.co.uk/#/ebooks/4565093129
For more information about Kate’s work go to: www.katebeddow.co.uk.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Growingspirit


Sheryl said...

'without a single thumb print on their soul' - I love this! Untouched, untroubled, untarnished, bless. You can't protect children from life, but you can help guide them through it. Sounds like a really useful parenting tool. Good luck! :) xx

D.J. Kirkby said...

What a great idea for a book, I hope it sells really well for you.