Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review - My Dream Of You by DJ Kirkby

A beautiful story delightfully told.

My Dream of You starts in the present then quickly reverts to the past where Betty and Maggie were cousins and the best of friends. Betty, who was constantly bullied by her mother and Maggie who only had a father to look after her, were delighted when the fair came to town. When they met the lovely young man Joe, it meant that Maggie could indulge in her love of horses and Betty could see more of this wonderful boy that she adored. Neither realised that the fair and the people they met there would have such a huge impact upon the rest of their lives.

This was a book with many "Oh My God" moments throughout that left me totally open mouthed and lost for words! It also brought back many stunning memories for me when talking about childbirth and the overwhelming love between a mother and her child. The experience of breast feeding that DJ Kirkby describes was so accurate and conveyed my exact thoughts and emotions.  She has a real skill for portraying motherhood. 

This book was sad, emotional, heart-breaking, and wrenching at times yet compassionate, wonderful and joyous at others.

I felt myself so strongly willing things to happen to the young and courageous Betty almost shouting out loud at her at one point and cheering her on when they did. What a mixture of emotions this book churned up for me and I have to admit to openly sobbing in parts!

DJ Kirkby has an amazing way of writing your innermost thoughts and feelings and I really think she must have been living inside my head!   I reviewed another book of hers - Without Alice - a few months ago and my review can be found here

It is an absolute pleasure to read her books which really are works of art and her very cleverly crafted characters are perfectly formed and almost become members of your own family - that's how well you feel that you know them!   It was a book where the pages turned with ease and again one where I couldn't wait to find out how it was going to end. 

Fabulously emotional and a most enjoyable reading experience. 
D. J. Kirkby is a registered midwife, teaching midwifery two days per week and working three days per week for her local Public Health department. At the age of 40, she was diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger syndrome, in addition to dyslexia and dyspraxia. She is the author of Without Alice, From Zaftig to Aspie, her soon to be published novel My Dream of You and book Special Deliveries, and has had short stories published in several anthologies. Writing under her academic surname she has had numerous articles accepted for publication, was a monthly columnist for FMA-UK magazine, and is now their midwifery link on pregnancy and childbirth. She is available for interviews, and to write articles on Asperger’s, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and midwifery.
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D.J. Kirkby said...

Wow, thank you SO much. It means such a lot to me to get feedback on my writing, and especially to know My Dream of You is being enjoyed by readers.