Friday, 1 June 2012

Review - Freelance Writing by Linda Jones

If you are looking to start a career in freelance writing, or if you have already started but need some help to guide you along the way, and boost your income, then this is the book for you. 

Linda Jones (now Aitchison) has written this helpful and informative book which is packed full of ideas and helpful hints and tips which will help you to move your career forward and to unlock your earning potential in the world of freelance writing. 

The sections guide you through getting started, how to understand  the business of freelancing, how to write for the different types of media, how to carry out research and interviews and how to do your own PR to name just a few of the extensive sections.  Linda also recommends other helpful reading material which could help you to progress your career.

The back cover states that this book will give you freelance writing tips to help you to:
  • adopt an effective approach to become a successful freelance writer
  • write punchy pitches for a wide range of newspapers and magazines
  • enter the exciting world of internet writing, social media and blogging
  • increase your income through commercial writing work
  • stand out from the crowd as a writer
The book is written in Linda's "no-nonsense, straight-talking" style which is really easy to read and follow to find the information that you need and extremely easy to refer back to.  A definite "must have" read for anyone looking to branch out in the world of freelance writing. 

A freelance writer herself, Joanne Mallon ( and has written the foreward in the book and says "the great thing about this book's author, Linda Jones, is that not only does she have the wisdom of what it takes to do the job well, she's willing to share it."

Linda Jones, has been a successful journalist, agency director and award-winning blogger for over 20 years.  She founded Passionate Media (now called The Marketing Room), a company which specialises in social media, media relations, copywriting and journalism for a variety of clients.  Linda has contributed to most national newspapers and women's magazines.  She now edits a leading travel blog and parenting website.  She also runs regular workshops for freelance writers on how to make more money.  You can follow Linda's freelance writing blog at  

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