Friday, 10 February 2012

Review - Never Can Say Goodbye by Christina Jones

What a delightful, funny, heartwarming story of life and life after death.

When Frankie inherits a dress rental shop in the little village of Kingston Dapple, and relaunches it as Francesca’s Fabulous Frocks, she was utterly delighted that this vintage frock shop became an overnight success.  When handsome womaniser Dexter takes over the village florist her feelings are questioned as after all the rumours she’d heard about him,  she knew she shouldn’t like really him, but she actually does and they become firm friends.  But is there room for something more?
When Maisie the hilarious village medium has a fainting attack in her shop, declaring that it is full of spirits, Frankie brushes it off but then finds out after she keeps meeting a elderly man in the shop that perhaps it is actually haunted after all.  Keeping this knowledge to herself becomes increasingly difficult, but if she shares what she knows with her friends, will they think that she’s completely bonkers? Or, will they help her to try to sort out the “issues” that are lurking in her shop and get them to the place they are desperately trying to find.
I absolutely adored this book.  Right from the start, I got so involved in the story.  I loved Frankie as a character and Christina is one of those writers who has the amazing skill of transporting you into the book feeling that you are watching from the sidelines.  I loved all the other characters too, particularly Dexter who was a real charmer, him and each of the others with their own individual personalities which blended so well into the story and all played a key part in their own way.  I felt like I had gone to this fabulous village, visited this fantastic shop and met these wonderful characters for myself.   
This book left me with the warm, happy feeling that when we leave this earth, we will meet up with our loved ones and just go on to live in a different world.    I like to think that one day I’ll be meeting up with my Mom once again and that’s a really comforting thought for me and this book just confirmed it for me.   I’ve visited mediums myself and can quite honestly say that I’ve never met one quite like Maisie!
Beautifully packaged with a gorgeous cover, this delightful book was everything that I wanted it to be, with a charming and romantic storyline and an ending that was just completely perfect.  With tons of amusing moments throughout, I really did feel blessed that I had read this amazing novel that truly brightened up my world.

Christina Jones is renowned for her engaging romantic comedies and lively, well-drawn character depiction.  A lifelong writer, she has accumulated a clutch of awards and nominations along the way.  She has written short stories and features for a wide range of magazines and newspapers and she lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, daughter and a houseful of rescue cats. 


Dizzy C said...

I do love to curl up with a Christina Jones novel. Such feel good reads.


Nikki said...

I have not yet read any of Christina Jones' books. This one sounds really good so will add it into my to read and if Christina does not mind review pile x

Kim The Book Worm said...

Thanks for your comment Carol. It really was a feel good read, a great way to describe it x x

Nikki - you'll love it x x