Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review - Mini Skirts & Laughter Lines by Carol E Wyer

A hilarious and enjoyable book that I think every woman will read and find at least one part of their life in it. 

Amanda is swiftly approaching 50 and her life with husband Phil is not the most exciting.  She thought that retirement for them both would mean that they would have lots of time on their hands to have plenty of fun when in reality the highlight of their week is the supermarket shop and how many bargains they are able to grab.  She makes many attempts to enrol them in classes or go to clubs and make new friends but to no avail.  It comes to something when her mother is having much more of a wild time than she is!

The return of their son from university and the way that he is treating both them and their house, is upsetting both Mandy and Phil, and they're not quite sure how to deal with him without it upsetting the family dynamics. 

Mandy finds comfort in blogging about her life and meets and makes some wonderful friends along the way.  She loves keeping in touch with old friends via social media and connects with her first boyfriend online.  He was "the one" who let her down years ago, who now lives in Australia and has a fabulous life by all accounts.  After playing online scrabble with him, and remembering the fabulous times that they spent together, he announces that he wants them to meet up again when he comes over to England. Should she go? Is it such a big deal if she does? Is the the excitement that she wished for finally coming her way?
I wish many times in my life that my Mom was still with us, during this book in particular because I know that she would have loved it as much as I did!  I think Carol was actually describing aspects of my Mom's life!  I can say that safely knowing that my Dad will a) never read this book and b) never read this blog!  Or will he?

This is a hilarious account, that I think most women would relate to regardless of how old they are, of the aging process and how it makes you feel.  I had a number of laugh out load moments, which got me some very funny looks!
Carol writes in a wonderfully bright and funny way.  The pages seem to turn themselves with no effort whatsoever.  The characters of Mandy and Phil are very real, and you can SO relate to the situations in the book that they find themselves in.   Her mother is hysterical and you can't wait to see what she's going to say or do next. 

I found this book to be a hugely enjoyable and entertaining read, with loads of laughs along the way and I would most definitely recommend it as a must read.   I shall look forward very much to Carol's next book Surfing In Stilletos.  Can't wait to see what Mandy's Mom gets up to in that one!

Carol Wyer lives in Staffordshire alone with her husband now that her son has flown the nest.  She admits to being a social networking addict and is a regular blogger.    She is writing a series of novels which take a humerous look at getting older. 

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Nikki said...

This sounds like a book that. I would really enjoy reading. x

Carol Wyer said...

Kim thank you so much for this fabulous review. I am so glad that you enjoyed my book. I have taken the liberty of tweeting about this and will be linking up to it from my website too.
PS The cheque is in the post ;)