Sunday, 12 June 2011

Review - Discovery at Rosehill by Kathryn Brown

Blooming heck!  This book blew me away! 


When Kathryn Brown told me about Discovery at Rosehill, I have to say I was a little concerned as she told me that it was a paranormal romance about a medium called Camilla and was best read at night!  Being a bit of a wuss, I picked it up at bedtime last night thinking that there can’t be that much that could me get me thinking scary thoughts in the first chapter.  WRONG!  The nine line prelude made my eyebrows raise a little and I decided to leave it till daytime when at the end of Chapter 1 Camilla started to ask spirits to come and talk to her. 

When I got up this morning, I had an “awake” lie-in, which means I get to stop in bed and drink lots of tea and read which is a very rare treat!  I had to physically drag myself away from this book to get in the shower at 9.45am as I had already been drawn in to the ghostly goings-on at Rosehill, a glorious house that was filled with numerous spirits, that Camilla had brought after the spirit of her grandmother helped her to find it.    She then discovers that Rosehill holds a number of life-changing secrets which she must uncover!

In the midst of all this, she befriends the local vicar Marcus, and wonders whether the feelings that she has for him can turn into something more even though their lives and beliefs are so very far apart. But is Marcus, all that he seems to be, or does he have secrets of his own?

This book is a cracking good paranormal thriller romance (if such a genre exists!)  It’s full of tension, emotion and intrigue.  Camilla is a charmingly fascinating character, and her gifted life as a medium is interesting, scary and mesmerising all at once.  I was actually sat on the edge of my seat at one stage, finding it difficult to believe that she was comfortable in a house that was full of lost souls and spirits who were trying to reach out to someone through her. 

Being the scaredy-cat that I am, I decided that nothing was going to stop me reading this book today and that as my partner was out this evening, I promised myself to read it before he went out and in daylight too!  I achieved my goal, if nothing else today.  But hey-ho, housework will just have to wait until tomorrow!  Although now its getting dark and I’m writing my review I keep hearing noises and wondering . . . . . . . .

If you are interested in the spirit world, you will love this book.   If you are not sure, it will have you asking even more questions!  If you are not a believer, I’m sure you’ll still find this a blooming good read!  I for one, am hoping that Kathryn will be writing more, and will be first in the queue for anything else that she writes.   This book was quite simply brilliant!

When she's not writing, Kathryn runs a sheep and arable farm in Northumberland.  She's a devoted mum to her beautiful daughter Amy, who is eleven years old and autistic, and is Kathryn's reason for living! The dedication at the front of the book is to her darling father, and that alone brought a tear to my eye.  I'm sure he'll be extremely proud of her when he's looking down on her right now.  Her blogsite can be found here and is well worth a visit.


Janice Horton said...

OOOOO - I just downloaded this book to my Kindle - and now I can't wait to read it. I'm guilty of reading first pages as soon as I buy - even if I know the book will be on my TBR pile for a while - and totally agree with you how gripping the first paragraph is. What a treat. Thanks Kim for the review!

Linn B Halton said...

Brilliant review Kim and well done Kathryn!! This IS a must read and I'll be reading it very shortly...

Kim The Book Worm said...

Thanks for your comments ladies, it certainly is a cracking good read and I'm still thinking about it a week later!

Smart Talkers said...

Ooh Kim, that's sounds great. I'll look for that. I'm not into the ones you usually like. I prefer thrillers,murders, adventures etc but this one is one for my holiday list!

Jessica Strassner said...

Nice review! Well done, Kim! Can't wait to read it!