Monday, 6 June 2011

Interview with Giles Paley-Phillips

Giles Paley-Phillips, author of The Fearsome Beastie very kindly agreed to answer some questions for me.  My three and a half year old recently helped me to do a review of The Fearsome Beastie which we both loved. 
Thanks Giles for answering these questions and letting us into your life and to learn a little bit about you and what has inspired you to write.

I see that you have two boys of your own.  What ages are they?  
My boys are 4 and 2

Do they know that their Dad is a writer?  
My eldest does, I've been to his pre-school to read and sign books, I don't think it really hit him until I was there doing it!

If so, how do they feel about it?  
It's lovely to be able to read them books that I have written and which to some extent they have inspired, be it through their own actions or just that I have written something to engage them, it's a fantastic feeling to see their reactions to my work.

What are their favourite books?  
They are typical boys and like anything funny or yucky, they love Morris the Mankiest Monster by Giles Andrae, also they have become mega obsessed with the Octonauts, and we have several of the original meomi picture books.

How do you fit in your writing around a young family?  
It can be very tricksome at times, as my wife and I are both studying too, but I just do it when I get a spare minute, I often write stuff on little scraps of paper, which I eventually collage into a full text!

What inspired you to write children’s books?
Not long after the birth of my first Son, I was looking to write something for him but just couldn't get inspired, then I was looking round a charity shop and I came across book if nonsense poetry by Shel Silverstein, and I was totally blown away by it, I wrote my first text that afternoon.

How did you feel when you found out your first book was going to be published?
I was a bit choked up, to know that you've written something that a publisher is willing to invest in is a very humbling and exciting feeling

You’ve worked with two different illustrators. How do you ensure that your ideas are put into pictures?  
I've been extremely lucky that the illustrators that have worked on my texts have really engaged with them, I think although it's nice to share ideas, it's best that they are left to do their thing and I'm left to do mine.

What sort of books do you like to read?
I read a lot of cult American literature, writers like Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis and Douglas Coupland, but I do live reading childrens books and poetry too.

Do you do any other writing at all?
Not at the moment, I keep thinking about writing a screenplay, but not sure it'll ever happen!

Are you working on anything at the moment?
Yeah, I have several picture book texts that I'm working on, plus another book of nonsense poetry

Do you have a special place where you write?
Not really, I mainly end up in front of my desktop.

You’re still young Giles, what does the future hold for you?
I really don't know, I just hope I can continue to do the things I love doing and that children and I continue to enjoy my books.

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Anonymous said...

Great interview. Giles sounds like a really lovely man. I think it's important to get involved with your own books like he has, in the form of reading to the children. I used to do the same thing at Amy's first school with children's stories I'd written.

Good luck for a successful career, Giles.
CJ ss