Friday, 15 August 2014

Review - Three Little Birds by Carol E Wyer

About the book

Two friends. Two Carpe Diem lists. One proviso. 

When Charlie Blunkett and Mercedes Thomson swap bucket lists, neither can possibly know how much their lives will change.  There will be challenges that neither expected to ever face, and for one of them, an insurmountable fear to conquer.

Charlie is about to discover the importance of seizing the day.  It is a journey that will take her to dark places, teach her to love again and to come to recognise who she really is.  However, it will be a rocky road and there is danger afoot that could threaten her happiness and her life.

What did I think?

This is a fabulous story about friendship, and love and about never giving up despite what has happened in your past.  It's about grabbing every opportunity which is offered to you and about living life to the full. 

It's massively inspirational, hugely motivational and makes you want to get up off your lazy ass and do something worthwhile and memorable.   Life is for making memories, you can't change the past, however traumatic it was and how it has affected your future, but you do have the chance to be happy again and deserve to take that chance.

There was laughter, tears and tons of fun written into this book and I felt like I'd gone on a rollercoaster of emotions but came out better for it at the end.  I'm sure lots of people will take lots of things from this book and feel completely compelled to do something inspiring!

I absolutely loved this book!

About the Author
After completing a degree in French and English, Carol E Wyer became a language teacher. She actually began her working life abroad, in Casablanca, Morocco, where she taught English as a Foreign Language in an American Language school. It was soon discovered that she could speak French rather well, and she became a translator and teacher to large organisations and companies such as ‘Regie de Tabac’, Morocco’s largest cigarette company, and the Mediterranean Shipping Company.
After a few years she was ‘head-hunted ‘to run the English as a Foreign Language department of a private school in the UK. (Imagine Hogwarts without the wizardry.)
Carol taught English up to, and including ‘A’ Level, along with English as a Foreign Language. She also qualified to teach pupils with Dyslexia and became Head of English for Special Needs.
In 1988, Carol set up her own language company called Language 2000 Ltd and worked in schools and for companies. She taught a variety of languages, including basic Japanese, to all ages and translated documents.
A recurrence of spinal difficulties that began when she was a teenager, forced her to give up teaching and choose a new direction. In order to deal with her health problems, Carol attended a fitness course (Premier), took the qualifications to become a fitness instructor and became a personal trainer. That led her to become a trainer for others, particularly for older people who, like herself, had undergone major surgery.
Thanks to older age, Carol now no longer trains people, but has written a series of novels, articles and books which takes a humorous look at getting older. It is her hope that they will educate through laughter and help others appreciate life.
Carol has also written several short stories over the years, including humorous books for children which served to teach them French.
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Melanie said...

Great review, Kim. I read and loved Three Little Birds,too.

Michelle James said...

I just ordered this book yesterday. I can't wait to get my hands on it.