Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Review - Holiday Reads by Elaine Spires

Seven short stories for your sun-lounger - or wherever you read them in fact, will be thoroughly enjoyed in this anthology of entertaining, interesting and delightful tales.

Seven women, each with a different holiday problem. Meet, Olivia, who wishes she wasn't on a tennis holiday; Estelle, alone on a cruise; Fiona who's flying too close for comfort; Shelley, who shouldn't have got involved with a foreigner; Alison who finds out her husband's off on a cruise - but not with her!; Eloise who's having a rotten time in Ibiza and Karla who's desperate for her family holiday in Corfu to go well. 

I've read all of Elaine's books and have enjoyed every single one of them.  She's great at writing twists into her plots and creating characters that are believable and you can relate to.  I immediately become immersed in her books which while I normally find hard with short stories, I found really easy when reading Holiday Reads.  I could quite happily have gone on to read a book about each of the women in this collection, the characters were so engaging.

She's also really great at making you create the place she's writing about from her descriptions.  This, I think is a really great skill.  I feel like I've been around the world with these stories.  This also goes to show that you can go anywhere when you are a reader! And I have to add that I love the cover of this book! It's my dream!

Elaine Spires is an author, playwright and an actress.  She spends her time between her homes in Essex and in Antigua (I am sooooo not jealous!).  She has used her background in education and tourism to capture the quirky characteristics of people and humorous observations which she shares in her novels.

She is also an entertaining and informative after-dinner and motivational speaker and eulogist.

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