Monday, 23 December 2013

Review - Trinity by Nigel May

Well, I feel quite exhausted after reading Trinty by Nigel May! 

Rich and gorgeous girls Regan, Nush & Evie were friends at college and vow to be life-long friends but can their friendship survive not just their own insecurities and complicated upbringings but also everything else that is thrown into their colourful, glamorous, fun filled lives and the people in them?

Unputdownable and totally engrossing, so much so that I've hardly moved from my sofa all day. I could very easily have been reading a Jackie Collins bonk-buster rather than a debut novel from a new author.  Nigel May writes with the ease and flow of an author who has been writing over many years honing their skills with each book. 

It was sexy, sassy, action-packed, glamorous, exciting, gripping - there are so many words I could use to describe this brilliant book.  Set in both England and Hollywood, the scenes are set in vibrant, energetic locations which are easily conjured up in your mind. The three main characters are created with the perfect amount of everything. You become so embroiled in their lives that you feel like you know them intimately and understand all their thoughts and emotions! 

Watch out for uber-bitch Clarissa, a character so brilliantly created that I hated her with a passion from the moment I was introduced to her. 

With twists and turns littering the plot with glamour and glitz and murder and mayhem thrown in for good measure, this is a highly entertaining read that to be honest I couldn't get enough of! 

Nigel May is a TV presenter and journalist and regularly presents on UK shopping channels. 

He has written for many of the UK's most successful magazines and newspapers, specialising in showbiz and celebrity, as well as writing on subjects ranging from relationships through to travel. He is also one of the UK's most popular craft personalities, having launched his own successful range, A-May-Zing.

Nigel is the only male writer amongst 44 authors featured in the chart-topping, perfect beach-read anthology of short-stories SUNLOUNGER.

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Caroline James said...

Great review Kim - I've recently downloaded this and your review has spurred me into settling down and reading it :-)