Sunday, 9 June 2013

Launch event for The Water's Edge by Steve Stevenson-Olds

We've had a lovely afternoon. We were invited along to the launch of a book called The Water's Edge. The venue was Hawkesyard Hall in Armitage, Staffordshire and is a stunning venue made even more so today by the glorious sunshine.

Poor author Steve Stevenson-Olds didn't get chance for a break all afternoon with a constant queue of well-wishing readers wanting their copies signed by the author while those who had, enjoyed a Pimms in the afternoon sun.

So delighted to be part of this memorable occasion and wish Steve all the luck in the world with his book. I am SO looking forward to reading it. 

Here's what the book is all about:

Set in the heart of England in 2005 and the preceding years, this is the story of Ritchie Angel, who, at 35 years of age, has achieved the unrealistic, and, to many the elusive perfect life. But Ritchie is starting to feel unwell, and as a result is regretfully informed that he only has days to live.

Keeping his new found, unwanted secrets to himself, Ritchie ensures his last precious moments are lived to the full.  On the fateful night, collapsing at the Waters Edge on the old timber decking at his beautiful waterside home, his wife and daughter fast asleep upstairs, Ritchie dies alone.

But Ritchie's demise is not all that it seems, as he is presented with an incredulous proposition - a way of stopping his wife and daughter finding him dead at the Waters Edge, as they surely would at sunrise. Be prepared for a rollercoaster journey that just might change the way you think for ever. So, ask yourself this - you have drawn your last breath, your cards are dealt, yet you have a chance of stepping off the black Road. 

Would you stick, or would you twist? 

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