Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review - A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson

Another spectacular seasonal special from this fabulous author.
You probably all know by now that Milly Johnson is one of my most favourite authors ever, in the whole wide world (get my drift?)  When A Winter Flame plopped through my letter box, I was delighted that I had just finished a book and could make a start on this straight away. 

Eve is a young lady who lost her beloved solder boyfriend who was killed in action on Christmas Day. Since then, understandably, Christmas has never been Eve’s favourite time of year.  Following the death of her favourite Aunt, she is gobsmacked when she discovers that she has been left half of a winter theme park in her will!
As if that is not quite astounding in itself, she then discovers that the will also has a proviso that Eve must co-run this winter theme park with a person that she has never heard of called Jacques Glac√©. 

When she does meet him, even thought he is devastatingly dashing and handsome, she finds him extremely annoying and is irritated by everything he says and does!  However, she has to persevere with him as she does not want to fail her Aunt but she makes it her mission to find out just who this mysterious man is, where he has been hiding and why on earth would Aunt Evelyn have left him anything in her will. 
Milly Johnson has a fabulous way of manipulating her words to help you to visualise everything she writes within your mind without you actually realising that is what you are doing.
She manages to put a sparkle into everything she writes and her stories always leave you with an all-over warmed-up glow.  The characters that she creates jump out of the pages at you, as you become embroiled in the plot.   You want to be the main character and you slowly become the person that she has crafted.
This book is fun, romantic, warm, exciting, hilarious and purely delicious!  Every one of Milly’s books has never failed to put a smile on my face and a glimmer of hope and love in my heart. 
If you have never read a book by Milly Johnson, this is what I recommend you should do. Buy every single book she’s ever written, close your curtains, lock your front door, take the phone off the hook, put the heating on full blasyour fire. Then make yourself a pot of coffee, plonk yourself on the settee and lose yourself reading back to back her delectable tales of love, friendship, and families.   You will not be disappointed, I promise!

I was so lucky to interview Milly after I read her book Here Come The Girls and you can find that interview here and she also agreed to be a guest on Stafford FM when The Book Show first started.  She is a 5ft born and bred, half-Glaswegian Barnsley bird who has been writing for the greetings cards industry for a number of years. She lives with her two sons in Barnsley and is a life long fan of wrestling.

Milly is also the reason I became a book blogger. To find out why click here. Thanks again Milly for the motivation and encouragement you gave to me at the time and now also. 

To buy A Winter Flame from Amazon, click here. 

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kim said...

I love your review of this book. I could picture everything vividly in my mind throughout the book and would love to visit the theme park. A friend and I discussed who we would have cast in the film and picked the same actors!