Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review - The Goblin and the girl by Neil Irani

The Goblin and the Girl by Neil Irani with illustrations from Park Yum is a delightful story of a lovely little girl who had no self confidence at all and who thought she looked like a goblin.  She covered her face up by wearing a big hat, and one day she went for a walk and the rain and the wind blew her hat off her face so she went and hid in the forest because she didn’t want anyone to see her. 

While she was there, she heard a boy’s voice and he said that she was in his class at school and that he had seen her always wearing a big hat and he talked to her and he helped her to find their way out of the forest.  She talked and smiled with him and it was the first time that she had smiled for a long time.  He said that he would see her at school the next day.  When she next looked in the mirror, the next morning before she went to school, she no longer saw a goblin but a lovely little girl.

This is a story about a child having a real lack of confidence, and how another child being nice and friendly towards her, has helped her to gain confidence and see herself for how she really is.

This is a story for children but probably a lesson for us adults as well as children, that sometimes all people need is a little bit of someone being nice to them for them to become happy within themselves. 

A lovely looking book beautifully illustrated by Park Yum throughout is a charming book to add to any child’s collection.   Oliver and I both really enjoyed reading the story and looking at the stunning pictures which accompanied a great storyline. 

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