Thursday, 15 March 2012

Review - The Reiki Man by Dominic C James

WOW! A fantastic paranormal thriller that left me stuck for words (and there’s not much that can do that, I can tell you!).

Successful businessman Henry Mulholland is found murdered and the police cannot understand how someone can get into a secure building without triggering any alarm systems, dogs or security whatsoever.  The only evidence that was left at the scene of the crime is a mysterious symbol on a piece of paper which is left on his desk. Stella Jones, Mullholland's Head of Security and ex-special branch, recognises it but can’t quite remember why.  

She works on the case alongside a police officer called Jennings from special branch and she know that their only real hope is her ex-boyfriend Stratton, she is sure that he will know more about the symbols.   They find him and discover that it is an ancient Reiki symbol and that there is a wooden box with symbols carved on it hidden away somewhere and this appears to be what the murderer is looking for and he is happy to kill anyone who gets in his way.    Not only the murderer is after the box though and as Stella delves into a world of ancient knowledge and possible paranormal powers, their grip on reality and their lives are completely put at risk and to the test.
What an amazing writer Dominic James is! The characters and places were described so perfectly that I was transported from my world straight into the plot.  This was a fascinating book and I cannot believe that the Reiki man is Dominic's debut novel. It was full of mystery and intrigue throughout, thoroughly un-put-down-able and most enjoyable.  You really did not know what or even who was around the next corner. 

It was totally mesmerising, full of excitement and adventure.  It was gripping, breath-taking and just downright flipping awesome! The ending was so unexpected! I was completely stunned by it!  The last four words in the book made such an impact on me that I'm still thinking about it days later.  

As a Reiki practitioner myself, this story made me wonder even more about the power of the universe and how it can be used for both good and bad purposes. 

If you like a book that’s full of thrills, mystery and excitement with a plot that is forever twisting and turning, then go and buy this book – NOW!  

The Reiki Man is the first masterpiece of an already-completed trilogy. The second book, Fear of the Fathers, will be published in May 2012.  I for one am, as is, I'm sure everyone that has already read this book, awaiting this book with baited breath; it cannot come out quickly enough for me.  I simply cannot wait!

Dominic C. James is a writer and Reiki master. He has been a singer/songwriter in various indie bands, and has scratched a living as a freelance writer, barman, draughtsman and factory worker. On being made redundant two years ago he committed himself to full-time writing. 

The Reiki Man is his first full-length novel, and combines his passion for all things spiritual with his passion for all things temporal. He keeps a foot firmly placed in both worlds. He wants to bring practices such as Reiki to a wider audience by conveying Eastern ideals in an entertaining context.

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