Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Review - Our Eyes Met Over Cantaloupe by Anee McAneny

A thoroughly enjoyable read from yet another author who is new to me. 

Journalist Millie Morris's Mom runs a very special cake shop - The Secret Lives of Cupcakes which one day gets a very special wedding order - Millie's ex boyfriend.  The rogue that one morning when cooking her eggs, announced that he was leaving her for someone else which came as a total surprise to her. 

When he comes around to her new home to talk to her about whether he's doing the right thing or not she tries to be nice, as that's her nature, even though she thinks she's really not the right person he should be discussing this with, her feelings for him are questioned.  When she finds herself covering an important court case, she discovers that the bride and the lady she was dumped for is the leading lawyer on this particular case, which puts her in a very bizarre position. 

Anne writes in a lovely way, her writing is extremely humerous and she has created the most delightful characters especially Millie, and her friend Pauline, that you 'get' right from the start.  Her style of writing is easy to read, and just generally enjoyable. 

Lots of laugh out loud moments from the moment you start reading along with a good storyline and the great characters hook you from the start of the book.  With twists and turns and hilarious events along the way to keep you interested, it certainly was a book that I'd recommend to others.  It was good fun, and really enjoyable.  I've read some great reviews from her other books too, details of which I've added below and I shall really look forward to looking them up and reading them soon. 

Anne McAneny, has also written two other books: CHUNNELING THROUGH FORTY (humor/chick-lit) and FORETELLER (fast-paced mystery thriller). She has written several screenplays which have been successful in contests and are now circulating through Hollywood in the hope of making it to the big screen. Anne lives in Virginia with her family, two ferrets and a cat whose name changes weekly. He currently answers to "Mythical Flarb" and "Food."

You can get more information about Anne and her books here

You can follow Anne on Twitter here. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review!

Linn B Halton said...

Sounds like fun and sometimes you just need something to make you laugh! Thanks for the recommendation Kim, I'll look out for this one and add it to my wish list - Christmas is coming!