Monday, 1 August 2011

Review - California Dreamers by Belinda Jones

Belinda Jones has an amazing talent of picking you up and transporting you to the place that her novels are set and into the body of the star role.  In all of her previous books (and yes, I’ve read every single one of them!) she has been able to do this, and this novel which is her 10th, hasn’t disappointed me at all.  

This time I’ve been to California!  Wooohooo!

It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go and now Belinda has allowed me to see the vibrancy and magnificence of this amazing place!  I’ve met glamorous movie stars, fabulous film crews and daft dogs!  I’ve sat in and been glammed up in the chair of make-up artist to the stars and have visited the Max Factor Hollywood Museum and learnt loads about its interesting history.  I’ve cruised down
Hollywood Boulevard like
 Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and I’ve seen the most breathtaking views over magnificent blue seas.  I’ve walked a dog along the most beautiful beach and taken in stunning sunrises and sunsets!  I’ve also stayed in the most unbelievable hotels and even visited film sets.  And I’ve stayed at a fabulous castle – Hearst Castle – what an incredible place.  And I have to say, I never, want to leave!

All in all, I’ve had another wonderful holiday courtesy of Belinda.  She’s already taken me around the world to so many great places.   This is another cracker of  a book by this fabulous writer.  She writes in such a descriptive way that you feel like you really can reach out and pick the fruit off the tree, and touch the face of the leading man. 

I should probably mention Stella (aka me!) the leading lady in this book, Marina, the famous actress and diva (or is she?) and Milo, the gorgeous film star who turns everyone’s head that he comes into contact with.  They’re all great characters with their own hang ups and issues and they all gel well together. 

One of the great things about having such a venue as Hearst Castle star in this novel is the fact that you can go to their actual website (as it is a real place) and take a virtual tour around the estate.  This brings it all to life for me and makes it even more of a reality.  Try it out, you’ll love it too! I promise!

Belinda Jones spent a number of years as a magazine journalist and travel editor before she started to write novels inspired by her adventures. Her first novel - DIVAS LAS VEGAS - was voted number two in the New Woman Bloody Good Read Awards while her personal love quest - ON THE ROAD TO MR RIGHT - became a Sunday Times top ten bestseller. 

Belinda divides her time between Los Angeles, London and her boyfriend's ever changing naval base.  Read more about this lovely lady and her other fabulous novels check out

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