Monday 25 April 2011

The Tapestry of Love - Rosy Thornton

What a delightful, gentle, lovely book!  Mountain views and wonderful scenes described so beautifully you could have almost reached out and touched them.  Colours and fragrances portrayed so vividly, you could see and smell them.  The pure escapism that The Tapestry of Love provided me with, had me wanting to pack my bags, and run away to a secluded French village, in the middle of nowhere and dodge the fast pace of English working life, to set up and cultivate my own fruit and veg and be all creative!  This is the first Rosy Thornton novel I’d had the pleasure of.  I shall certainly look forward to reading more from her.  

Single Catherine, with an ex husband and two grown-up, self supporting children, decides to put the past firmly in the past and uproot to France, starting a business as a seamstress.  Life is certainly very different when finally living there, and a little alone and a tad naïve, the French bureaucracy may mean that after making a new life and new friends, Catherine is not sure that she is able to stay.  Bereavement takes her home to England and while reminiscing with her family, she wonders where she really belongs.  I’ll leave you to find out whether she stays in France or returns to the familiarity of where she grew up by strongly recommending this wonderfully charming book. 

Rosy Thornton was brought up in a village in rural Suffolk but has since moved to Cambridgeshire.  She is a lecturer and Fellow in Law at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  She lives with her partner, two young daughters, and two faithful spaniels.    To read more about Rosy and her books, please be guided to

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