Sunday, 27 February 2011

Review - When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen with Alison McMillen

This is a life changing, life enhancing, celebration of love and peace.   

Kim McMillen wrote this stunning book before she died in 1996, at the age of fifty-two, after discovering that when she grew to love everything about herself and her life, she found self-compassion and her life changed in many ways; she saw things very differently and her new and positive world was filled with love.  When Kim died suddenly, her daughter Alison went ahead and published the book as a tribute to the Mom she missed so very much and who had taught her daughter and so many others how to fill your life with love, joy and peace and fulfilment.   This very simple but beautiful book contains wise words of Kim’s wisdom that are capable of changing your life.   

Deepak Chopra said about the book "A beautiful, simple book that illuminates the important things in life". 

Review - Out of The Blue - Belinda Jones

I absolutely loved this book! 

It was one of those mischievous books that I just couldn’t put down from the moment I picked it up; I could imagine myself in all of the exotic locations that were described by the author. 

Selena thought that her life was perfect, working on a cruise ship, she could spend time in glamorous locations around the world; she wasn't tied down by anyone or anyplace and her life was one big ball! 

When her best friend abandoned her when she was due to visit her on leave, Selena succumbed to the pleading of gorgeous womaniser Alekos, who she had managed to avoid on the ship, and reluctantly agreed to accompany him, working in his brother’s water sports business on the beautiful island of Crete.  The potent magic and the fascinating mythical history of this stunning island, had Selena (and me just a little) slowly but surely falling in love with this wonderful man, and without giving the plot away, experiencing complications along the way. 

Another truly well written book by Belinda Jones, which transports you to a world of basking in the Cretan sunshine, smelling and tasting the delicious food on offer, included a number of hilarious moments to make you laugh out loud.  An excellent read, I felt the deep emotions from each of the characters, and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened in this fabulous love story and I hoped and prayed for a happy ending.  Was I disappointed with the ending?  You’ll just have to read it for yourself and see!