Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Review - United State of Love by Sue Fortin

I'm delighted today to introduce you to a fantastic debut novel by a lovely lady called Sue Fortin titled United State of Love,while I join Sue on her current blog tour. 

Set in the towns of Arundel and Chichester, Anna is a single mom and a tour guide who gets rescued by the gorgeous and hunky AmericanTex.  What she doesn't realise is that he is the new owner of a disused church which is about to be turned into a pizza restaurant, much to her disgust.

Anna's really annoying ex-husband Mark, is currently sleeping on Anna's sofa and is trying very hard to cause trouble between her and Tex and also between her and their teenage son.

Anna doesn't know which way to turn to make life easier and her feelings for Tex and her feelings for Mark are pushed to the limits in this exciting, romantic tale.   

I immediately disliked Anna's back stabbing, jealous ex-husband and found myself getting really wound up by things he did to try to spoil her life while pretending he wants to get back with her.  Sue creates her characters beautifully, you either love them or hate them, I loved both Anna and Tex and would quite like Tex to have cooked me a romantic meal!

Sue writes very descriptively, and her words flow really well with the book getting you interested from the very first few pages, leaving you constantly wondering what's going to happen.  The twists and turns along the way, leave you guessing right till the very end, how the plot will turn out and whether she'll get back with Mark or take a chance on a future with Tex.  And no - of course I'm not going to tell you!  You'll just have to buy the book and find out for yourself. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading United State of Love and will look forward to reading lots more from this budding new author.  I was delighted to be able to meet Sue recently at a Love A Happy Ending event back in June and she's a lovely lady and I would like to wish her every success for her debut novel and for her future writing career.
Sue has lived on the South Coast in West Sussex since her mid-teenage years.  When her parents decided that they were moving back to Cambridgeshire, Sue decided to stay and has never looked back.

Before taking to writing seriously, she had various secretarial jobs, eventually settling as a PA at a high street bank, where she worked for 13 years. Finding it extremely difficult to juggle work and three children under the age of 5 she decided to give up the world of banking. She now has four children and manages to find time to write, when they are at school or work.

Sue is also a fabulous book reviewer and you can catch her reviews on her blog:
Love Reading Love Books

You can buy your copy of United State of Love by clicking on the links below:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


Carol E Wyer said...

This is in my 'must read' pile. I only have two books to go before I get there so I shall look forward to it now even more.
Great review Kim and Sue, I wish you huge success with this and all your writing. How you manage it, I do not know. Juggling one retired husband is enough, let alone four children.

Sheryl Browne said...

She's amazing, isn't she? Four children!! Eeek! And, yes, having met Sue at the loveahappyending.com Summer Audience,I can attest to her being a genuinely lovely, unassuming, nice person. And uber-talented, too! Got the book, Sue. Love the excerpt! Can't wait to read it! :) xx

Chris Longmuir said...

Great review, Kim. Hope the book does well.

Sheryl Browne said...

I meant to say love the REVIEW!! Ahem, befuddled - again! :) xx

Janice said...

I lOVE a book with both characters that I can love and characters I can hate - it makes for an exciting read. This sounds like a fabulous debut from Sue and one I'm very keen to get on my Kindle.

Thanks for the review, Kim, and whetting my appetite for The United State of Love.

Kit Domino said...

A great review. Hoping the book does really well for Sue, it's certainly an enjoyable read!Thank you both, lovely ladies. X

Nicky Wells said...

It's a brilliant book, I'm thoroughly enjoying it and am reading it for the second time. Thanks to Kim for hosting, whoot! Congrats Sue, can't wait for the next one. x

Linn B Halton and Lucy Coleman said...

Fab review Kim! I too can't wait to read this - it's on my Kindle and I can't get to it fast enough! Sue has had a brilliant launch and it's great to see her doing so well with her debut novel!

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments and the support, it is much appreciated.

Thanks also to Kim for a great review, I'm so glad you liked it.